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There are 3 types of FSSAI Food registration

Basic Registration : Turnover up to 12 lakh/annum

State Registration : Turnover upto 20 Crores

Central Registration : Turnover greater than 20 crores

FSSAI Registration in 2 days & license in 60 days

Fssai Registration

What is FSSAI ?

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is shortly called FSSAI. This is emerged by the governing and regulatory body to ensure that the healthy and cure food products served to the country. FSSAI situated at New Delhi. The Government of India as well as the Ministry of Health and Family Affair gave authorization to The Food Safety and Standards Act (FSSA) to use this function specifically. The Ministry of Health and Family Affair provides the FSSAI Food License. Here in this country many FSSAI Offices available in other states also to qualify Food Business Owners (FBOs) to register for their business.

What does FSSAI do ?

According to The Food Safety and Security Act 2006 FSSAI empowered that the healthy and cure food served as per the guidance of scientific process. FSSAI also search inside market sometimes that the pure food is selling on the market or not. The Food Authority of India help to generate the production, storage and distribute the food to the buyers for the safe and healthy food items.
For Example we heard about the world’s one of the precious company Nestle. Though it’s a healthy food provider company but once the impurity food served like Maggi that the reason for emerge of Maggi’s issue with FSSAI and FSSAI banned Maggi in market this is power of FSSAI that running goods also can banned.

What is FSSAI Licence Number ?

There is a 14 digit registration number which is also called FSSAI Licence number. And there is a FSSAI Logo also which we can easily see on the products. Actually when we do register our products with FSSAI they provide the registration number and the logo which has displayed on the product packets which means the foods are checked under the food safety act.


FSSAI Basic Registration in Jaipur Rajasthan

Those who started their food business within a small area or a particular area and their annual turnover is about 12 lakh rupees. They can do the basic FSSAI registration and the validity of this registration is 1 – 5 years issued by the state government to the FBOs. Fee of this Basic Registration is 1,999 rupees.

FSSAI State License in Jaipur Rajasthan

All kind of business relating with food like storage units, retailers, marketers, manufacturers transporters and others whose income scale turn from small to medium scale means whose annual income between 12 lakh to 20 crore rupees. They need to make the FSSAI State License. The validity of this license is also about 1 – 5 years. Fee of this State License Registration is 11,999 rupees.

FSSAI Central Food License in Jaipur Rajasthan

It’s the highest chargeable registration license cause those who carry their annual business to take over more 20 crore rupees they must have to register with FSSAI Central Food License Registration. Mandated by The Central Government in association with The Ministry of Health and Family Affair. This license provides all the trades including imports – exports. The license has earned to deliver food at airports and seaports also.
FSSAI food license provides for any service related to food business such as FSSAI renewal, food serving license, catering license or resolving queries related to food.


Basic FSSAI Registration Eligibility in Jaipur Rajasthan

This includes all kinds of food business and related like storage, distribute, sales, repacking and labelling for which the annual turnover is Maximum Rs. 12 lakh. Depends on this annual income FBOs apply for the simple FSSAI Online registration in form A.

State FSSAI License Eligibility in Jaipur Rajasthan

The following FBOs can apply for this –
– Restaurants and Hotels
– Proprietary Foods
– Food processing Units inclusive of corresponding retailers and repackers
– Vegetable Oil processing Units as well as production Units
– Meat processing Units and Slaughtering Units
– Dairy Units inclusive of Milk Chilling Units

Central FSSAI License Eligibility in Jaipur Rajasthan

All Food Businesses inclusive of retailers, distributors, suppliers, and caterers mentioned for state license could apply for central license if their operations are at larger scale.(~20 crore or more) Restaurants/ Food processing and handling chains with multipe branches across various states have to obtain the Central FSSAI license for the main branch/head office essing/production units Food processing units, relabellers, and repackers who are processing more than 2 Metric Tonnes per day excluding grains, cereals, and pulse milling units Refrigerated storages holding a capacity of 10,000 Metric Tonnes or more Wholesalers with their annual turnovers amounting to Rs. 30Crores or more


In order to get FSSAI License FBOs have to show documents for verification

Common Documents for all types of FSSAI License

Signed and completed form-B ( Form a for Basic Registration)
– Proof of possession of the Premises ( Land papers or Rental Agreement)
– Articles of Association/Certificate of Incorporation/PartnerDeed,
if applicable
– Photo identity proof of the FBOs – PAN Card and Passport Size Photograph
– The plan for food safety system management
– An extensive list of food items FBO will be handling and dealing.

Additional for State FSSAI License

Blueprint or layout of the proposed location
– Detailed list of Equipment of Machinery installed or to be installed to the location
– Authority letter with particulars about the name and the address of the person responsible
– NOC and copy of the license from manufacturers

Additional Documents for Central FSSAI License

– Designated milk provider / source of milk
– Proof of Annual Income if required
– Meat provider/ meat processing units
– Certificates alotted by the Ministry of Tourism, if applicable
– Director General of Foreign Trade issued IEC (Import Export Code)
– Pesticide Residue Report of the water units involved in the manufacturing of mineral or carbonated water
– Water Reports Analysis from a well established and a government health laboratory

FSSAI Food License Renewal

With in the term of 1 – 5 years of validity of FSSAI registration depending on the type it need to be renew before the validity expires.
– Form A/B
When the FBO fill up the FSSAI Form A or B and in these forms we have to list down the activities include in the food business.

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